A passionate and devastating love… This is what characterizes this legendary couple formed by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. He was a French singer, actor and director, she was a British actress and singer.

These two undeniably talented personalities met in 1968 during the filming of the film Slogan. But the beginning was not so rosy. In 2017, Jane Birkin confided in our colleagues from Le Monde on this subject: “I found him complicated, arrogant, during the filming. He had no kindness towards me; he made me feel very bad. easy”.

But this first impression will not last forever and the young Briton did not take long to fall into the arms of the French popstar. In 1969, a few months later, the two lovers recorded together the very controversial music Je t’aime et je reviens. Considered very explicit for the time, it was banned from broadcasting in Spain, Great Britain and Italy, as Marie Claire recalls.

The two lovers quickly form one of the leading couples in show business, adored by hundreds of fans. In July 1971, Jane Birkin gave birth to little Charlotte Gainsbourg, who would also become a well-known singer.

However, if in the press the charismatic couple seemed perfect in every way, the truth was not so beautiful. Indeed, tired of the multiple excesses of Serge Gainsbourg, the actress decided to leave him in 1980. This is what the singer had said during an interview: “Jane left by my fault, I was doing too much abuse , I came home completely pissed, I hit her. When she yelled at me, I didn’t like it: two seconds too long and bam… she suffered with me but then it became an eternal affection…” .

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