(Calgary) The cyberattack that affected Suncor Energy and its chain of Petro-Canada gas stations allowed hackers to access certain customer data, the oil company said Thursday.

The Calgary energy company says the cybercriminals accessed the company’s Petro-Points rewards program and obtained members’ basic contact information.

Suncor said it is notifying Petro-Points members and privacy regulators, and will notify affected parties if it is determined that additional information has been obtained.

The company continues to investigate the cyberattack, which it says occurred on or around June 21.

The safety and reliability of Suncor’s oil and gas operations were not affected.

Many Petro-Canada locations across the country were unable to accept cash-only payments for several days last week due to the cybersecurity breach, and the Petro-Points app, website and some company car washes were also temporarily unavailable.