in The house of Commons has a Tuesday night and the green light for the conclusion of the plenary discussion of the Brexitwet, and an initial load of the Brexitakkoord to the prime minister, Boris Johnson. However, the second vote on the emergency procedure has not been approved by the european parliament.

in The house of Commons, began on Tuesday with a discussion of the Withdrawal Agreement, Bill of ‘(S)’ – the law of the Brexitakkoord that Johnson, last week, joined by the EU, national laws need to change. The vote revolved around the question of whether the law will be adopted in the second reading, which means that in the plenary discussion it will be completed, and the text of the relevant committees in may. 329 mps voted in favour for, 299 against it.


the first hurdle is taken, however, the second vote was not expected to be easily passed by. And that’s not the case at all. In the British house of Commons has, for the emergency treatment of the Brexitwet will be rejected. An orderly Brexit, by the end of this month, and now seems to be an almost impossible task.

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The government lost the vote with a 308 at 322 votes. Prime minister Boris Johnson said earlier in the day, though, he’s Brexitwet in that case, it would be to pull back, and that he would be driving in a general election.

as a first reaction to the vote in the house of Commons, showed the Johnson’s are delighted to be able to have a majority of behind-the-Brexit-law is around. “This is an important point,” he said, in which the parliament, at last, the national interest is provided for. Johnson is said to be unhappy about the fact that the proposed procedure is rejected, so that, according to the prime minister, a Brexit is on the basis of the agreement reached with the EU and concluded it was not feasible on 31 October.

most Likely, there is a new delay for the Brexit to do this. The parliament has demanded that Johnson get there before all of that, on to the questions. “It is now up to the European Union, in order to make a decision. I’m in the Eu member states to speak up about their decision to have it,” said Johnson. “As long as the pause, we are dealing with this legislation.”

now, Johnson is going to (for now?) so it is not as if he’s sat night was at hand. When it was announced he was to defeat the procedure for the (S) can be withdrawn, and a general election will be requested. “Anyway, in one way or another, we will get the European Union to leave with this deal,” said Johnson Tuesday night.

The European Commission now expects the Uk government for a more detailed explanation of the next steps, and responded, with a spokesperson for the police straight away on Twitter. The european president, Donald Tusk, put in the meantime, have consultations with the European leaders further to the request by Johnson to have the Brexit until January 31, 2020. That request is served on Saturday already.
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