in The first medal for Belgium at a road race at the uci road world championships is the fact that the 16-year-old Julie, The Wild picked up a silver in the girls junior championships. The 17-year-old American Megan Jastrab was a bit faster than before, and it is the new world champion after a nervy championship (86 km), which has been seasoned by a lot of pile-ups. Two-by-two for the United States, after the victory of the She Rain, in the junior contest on Thursday. After the silver, remco Evenepoel in the time trial, it is the second national to medal in the Yorkshire countryside.

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The game started out with one order, one after the other, the Belgian and Jade Lenaers, it would be in the finals at the plains, go.

As the American favorite, ” Megan Jastrab, at 43 kilometers from the finish, the riders are forced, and broke the race open. (But a fast fellow, Dina Scavone was on his toes, but the party didn’t go through.

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Then she leapt into a French citizen Cedrine Kerbaol, and with Chile, Catalina Soto Campos at the wheel. It took a half a minute, and did so with the requisite nerves in the peloton, especially in the Italian and British women.

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No local rounds for the girls, but did have some steep climbs in the finale, in which the ploegenspel in the chase is important. When the pursuers came nearer, he’s Chile’s Most we’ve it’s only six miles from the finish line, but only for a hunting pack it was, they won’t stand a chance.

Then it was the Russian, Aigul Gareeva, after they have already been in the individual time trial had been won. One of the kanshebsters and the American Jastrab jumped in to alert me.

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The American took off in a sprint, in which Julie, The Wild still came up very strongly. The Belgian first year, had a long way to go but to jump all over everyone and everything, the only Jastrab, she couldn’t catch up with them (pretty) second. In the Netherlands Lieke Nooijen ran to the bronze, Gareeva was right next to the stage.

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Jastrab on the roll of honour of the Austrian Laura Stigger on it. Who picked up last year in front of your home crowd, but the title is.

Friday afternoon, the men’s promises, (23) in action in the road race. They will explain to 173 km. On Tuesday, it was a Tv Nut in the time trial in fifth.

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