Brussels –

you Stand Up, the coalition against the extreme right and of fascism, holding on Sunday for a 13-hour meeting in the vicinity of the GCPS, in Brussels, belgium. This meeting will replace the tegenbetoging Stand Up, wanted to run against the far-right march on Brussels, belgium.

in Brussels, the mayor, Philippe Close (PS) has decided on Friday that the far right ‘march on to Brussels on Sunday is not allowed to go on. Earlier also, the police already have a negative opinion on the introduction of the assembly into the nation’s capital. The tegenbetoging, which was intended, is prohibited.

Mars city

some of the protesters of the ‘march on Brussels’, wanted to deal with the new Flemish government coalition, and their sense of outrage about the lack of Vlaams belang in the Flemish government. The extremist group Blood, Soil, Honour and Fidelity, would be in the company of the over to sit. Thus, a total of 1,100 people spent on Facebook that they were going to have to point out, of 3,300 others were “interested” in this event.

for More about Flemish Interest, a New survey of the Flemish Interest, the largest party, with a 24.9% disciplinary committee UCLL here is about a racist Tinderberichtjes student, Vlaams belang president Tom Van Grieken: “In 2024, the largest of the parties in order to own a stick of informateur is to get the VRT wants to make more money for the spread of Flemish identity