Presidential elections in the United States – the election campaign from the home office presidential candidate Joe Biden will be sitting in his home in Delaware, and looks at how Donald Trump around the head and collar are talking about. For the Democrats, it could be worse.Hubert Wetzel from Washington5 Kommentare5Vorwurf of sexual harassment: Joe Biden defends itself against accusations of a former employee.Photo: Youtube/MSNBC

Someone the shelf has been cleaned. A few weeks ago, it was still pretty messy. In the compartments were were and rejected dozens of books, in between sticking a couple of photos that were not important or beautiful enough to hang it on a wall. And in the upper-right corner of a red-brown Football was stuffed. The shelf looked like the shelves look when you use it in stuff to keep, and then over the years all sorts of sentimental BRIC-a-brac that accumulates in them.

Now, the shelf spic and span is. The books of chaos was eliminated. Instead, one sees only the accurately aligned, the dark back of a multi-volume work, perhaps an encyclopedia. The Football has to get a private compartment, the white stitching lights up subtly. In another compartment, the US has been draped flag. The shelf is now no use of furniture, but a backdrop.

This is intentional. Because the most Important thing on the shelf, in the basement of a house in the city of Wilmington in the state of Delaware, is not what is in it. The most Important thing is who sits in front: Joe Biden, 77 years old, once a Senator and Vice-President of the United States, now the democratic candidate for the presidential elections next November.

The old man and the technique

The Coronavirus has made the US policy is hard. It has shown the Americans with brutal force, of what a ignorant, erratic, egomaniacal and ruthless braggart they are governed. You could say that: to make it without catastrophic damage caused by the pandemic, would take America another President.

But the Virus makes it harder to target. Very many things happen in the last six months of an election campaign, are now, due to the risk of Infection is possible. Thus, because the outside world because of the Virus is blocked, it has Biden to lead his campaign for a few weeks from the inside. To this end, he has chosen the basement of his home in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden’s first performances in the basement didn’t work so well: The Internet connection in his house was too slow, the image was pixelated and would sometimes stutter, sometimes the sound was gone. This has earned the presidential candidates plenty of Häme.

the shelf with the flag, Football and family photos

, And then reported in March, also out of nowhere, a woman named Tara Reade, who lives in California and the beginning of the 1990s, in Biden’s Washington Senate office has worked. She accuses Biden, to have you in 1993, in a hallway in the Capitol sexually harassed. Biden had passed the Rock, says Reade. The evidence is unclear, Biden accusations of disputes, and apart from a few bitter Bernie Fans have gathered all of the important Democrats, and Democrats protecting their candidate. But for a few weeks, the fear by the party swirled in the spring that Donald Trump could roll in this election campaign is simply about Joe Biden over.

Now it runs better. Biden was in a corner of his cellar a television Studio install, with a Teleprompter and ordinary microphones, lights and a professional camera, so the picture is sharp and sound and light voices. There he is sitting at a Desk, looking at a Laptop and talking with all sorts of guests, sitting at home in front of Laptops or on mobile phones look. And behind Biden, the newly sorted shelves, you can see, with the flag, Football, family photos. But not too many books.

Whether Biden Trump can beat in November, will be at the end, however, is not a technical question but a political one. It is not so, as the election campaign on the Internet was something completely New. Barack Obama and Donald Trump have in the past few years, very successfully, albeit in very different ways, how to make, how to find voters using the network, captures and brings, on the day of the election vote. That a candidate meets the citizens only on the screen, it although. But the people are now, since they’re already constantly in Zoom sessions, probably to get used to.

it is Much more important will be whether the voters Joe Biden hold for the right candidate. For the man who has the Knowledge, the political skill and, above all, the character, the suffering result in the end of a Nation by the Corona-Disaster. America is fighting a desperate battle against the Virus. And the Virus will inflict on America in the coming months a lot of pain.

“If Biden will be sitting in the basement, then the risk is low that he makes mistakes.”

political consultant to the Democrats,

“Trump of course will try to push all of the blame, as such a narrow-track autocrats do,” says a Democrat who has been involved in several presidential election campaigns: “But he can’t deny all the dead, all of the unemployment and its responsibility easy.”

If true, then the cellar of an election campaign to Biden, the Virus forces is, perhaps, no great misfortune, on the contrary. “If Biden will be sitting in the basement, then the risk is low that he makes mistakes,” says a political consultant who is close to the Democrats. Biden is not a thrilling speaker, he is stumbling often, and losing the thread, confused people and places. And sometimes he tells jokes, not votes.

election campaign speeches, was a thing to be able to competently govern, another says another Democrat who has worked for decades for Biden and so good with him is a friend, that he called him “Joe” when you were alone, not “Senator” or “Mr. Vice President”. “Between Biden and Trump is not a serious competition,” says the companion to Biden’s. “Even if Biden’s engine of twelve cylinders, an eccentric is, he runs better than Trumps. The only has a two-stroke engine.”

The opponents make mistakes

Indeed, Trump beats all other as a great. The number of dead and unemployment is rising, and by its President, in the unsettled Americans except for self-praise and the confusion of idea, to inject the Corona-ill disinfectant hear, little. In this respect, it is understandable that Biden’s appearance is currently rather quiet. An old Washington wisdom says that one should not disturb his opponent, if this have committed suicide.

It is no coincidence that Biden’s campaign team has started to, every couple of days, choice of advertising spots on the Internet, in which there is the most bizarre moments and quotes from trump’s appearances together cuts. Then the President is to see how he’s talking about that the Virus will soon disappear “like magic”. Such a film is not to soften the harsh Trump Fans. But in the case of some senior citizens in Florida, perhaps the doubts on the President grow, if you see something like that. Not to mention the millions of middle-class mothers in the suburbs, whose votes the Democrats need.

Political debates via Video: Joe Biden in a conversation with Hillary Clinton.Photo: Reuters

Biden has a big advantage: The Americans know who he is. He was a Senator and Vice President he is since 40 years a political asset of the country. The Americans know that Biden lost his first wife and his daughter in a car accident and one of his sons died of a brain tumor. Biden has spoken about his pain and his grief is always open, and he has always shown compassion for people who had to endure the pain and grief. “One should not underestimate what power can have compassion,” says the Democrat. “This country will be wounded in the November hard. Trump will be totally unable to deal with it. But the Biden.”

“Joe is a tough guy who will not fold.”

Long-time associate of Joe Biden

That sounds good. But it says something about who will win the election? Probably not. At some point, we all know Joe Biden is out of his cellar. And then a huge hail will meet him storm out of meanness, rumors, insinuations, slander and lies. Trump may calculate that he can’t win in November with its own political balance. The Virus has now killed more Americans than in Vietnam have fallen. So many people are unemployed since the Great Depression. Trump can only win, if he dismantled Biden.

Biden’s old friend, the may call him Joe, is hoping that the candidate will survive the attacks from Trump. He hopes it’s for America, he loves and what he fears. And he hopes it is for Biden. “Joe is a tough guy who won’t work together,” he says. “After all, he was in high school, a pretty good Football player.” Proof, red-brown with white stitching, is in a shelf in a basement of a house in Wilmington, Delaware.

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