After a fatal accident: proceedings against subway driver set


    The case against a metro driver accused of manslaughter, has been set up on Thursday from the Bad Homburg district court, due to lower debt provisionally. For the final adjustment of the procedure, the 64-year-old driver will have to pay 300 Euro to a charitable institution.

    He had been overlooked in may 2017 at a railway crossing in the Bad Homburg district of Ober-Eschbach, a hold signal. The Bahn line U2 crashed into the car of a 53-year-old woman who drove just over the tracks. The railway gates were open and the lights have been turned off. The woman’s car was dragged 30 meters far to the next stop, there it is splined edge of the platform. The driver died at the scene of the accident.

    would have not have been avoided According to the embodiments of the Reconstructionist’s misfortune also, when the 64-year-old driver recognized the Signal and slowed down. “Then there would have been 0.2 seconds later to the collision,” he said. Because the only poorly recognizable hold signal standing only ten metres in front of the railway crossing. The driver was already slower than the allowed speed of 60 kilometres an hour hazards. It was assumed that – as usual – the barriers at the railway crossing were closed and the traffic light for motorists on Red. Why this was not done, could not be clarified at trial.