The Verhulst via Instagram with a short message sent to his followers, to thank you for all nice messages”. Verhulst, arrived Friday at the hospital after he was rammed in a traffic jam, and then several times overkop went to his car.

in Addition to a thank you message to his followers to write Verhulst, also, that he was very, very frightened of. “It’s a miracle that I was unharmed from the accident, I came. I am very happy to find out that there is no-one else is hurt, it is. Now, I understand that it would be able to walk again.”

The accident occurred Friday night thing for more than 17 hours on the E40 at Jabbeke. By the road they had a traffic jam is formed, which Verhulst, too late, noticed. He was himself slightly wounded in the accident, and walked away with two of the other vehicles damage to property. Verhulst was in the hospital Saturday morning at about 11 am leave.

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