A seven-year-old boy took a Saturday afternoon in the garden, on the Kazernelaan in the village of Houthalen-Helchteren has a bizarre discovery when he was using a metal detector at work. During the search, and struck the boy in the shells, ammunition, weapons, and oorlogshelm with his head. The local police are in the zone, CARMA went to the spot and encircled the garden with a politielint off.

The ontmijningsdienst of the armed forces, DOVO, collapsed on Saturday in the run-to-Helchteren to the situation on the ground to watch it. According to the mayor Alain Yzermans (SP.(A) of the village of Houthalen-Helchteren is a helmet, probably of German origin, and it would be all the found of war from the Second world War came to be.