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the awarding of The National prize of Bullfighting to the Foundation of the fighting Bull is not going to shut down criticism of the Ministry of Culture for its scant aid to the Party. In fact, it is reduced to two chapters: a grant of 35,000 euros, which already had such a Foundation, and this prize, endowed with 30,000. In total, 65,000 euro, which this year have gone to the same recipient. Contrast this strongly with the financial support much greater than other cultural sectors.

The Jury appointed by the Ministry has proposed to the Foundation of the fighting Bull “for his ability to bring together the different professional sectors in the defense and promotion of the Bullfighting. In a year marked by the pandemic of the Covid-19, the Foundation has led the reaction of the bullfighting world, promoting various projects of national scope, directed to the maintenance and recovery of the art of Bullfighting from its base”.

This prize is intended to “acknowledge the good work of a person, entity, or institution, during the season Spanish 2020 in the exercise of the different access activities and demonstrations of the art of Bullfighting”.

The president of the Foundation, the rancher, Victorino Martin , has declared that this award “is a recognition that is very important, in a year very complicated, dramatic for the industry.”

In a season so anomalous, it was logical to expect that the National award is not granted to a person but to an institution taurine. Within them, the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia has the merit of undoubted attempt to bring together all the professional sectors, in a context where each one has tended to go by their side; also, defended the Party against the attacks of the antitaurinos and the problems created by the pandemic. More than once has been criticized by unfortunate statements from members of the Government, as the vice president Paul Churches and the minister of Culture, Rodríguez Uribes , a few days, without a break in their dialogue with the Ministry. He has also collaborated with various government departments in the promotion of celebrations of minors. Right now, continues to develop its initiative entitled the ” Tour of the Reconstruction “, which comprises 21 celebrations of only four bulls in the plazas of third category, broadcast live by the Canal Bulls of Movistar.

If you find it shocking that this award is a single grant from the Ministry, this coincidence is not due to the Ministry, but the jury, composed by representatives of the various professional sectors.

What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Cutura is the undeniable shortage and warmth with which supports Bullfighting, in comparison with other cultural sectors. The situation is going to continue the same. In the Project of General Budgets of the State for the year 2021, the Culture goes up 25%: to that Ministry, iran 200 million from the European Union: not a single euro will go up assigned to the Party.

that Fits with the recent and very unfortunate statements by the minister Rodríguez Uribes, when he said that I should not “encourage people to go to the bulls” and comparing Bullfighting to the theater because it “is a question peacefully, not to wake up polemics”, without fulfilling what is required by the Law, which recognizes the Festival as a member of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is clear that the current Minister is not freed from old prejudices and acts fearing the possible reactions to the contrary of the antitaurinos.

This recognition should be a stimulus for the Foundation of the fighting Bull in its legitimate action in defense and promotion of the Festival.

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