The Frankfurt airport has not been compromised, according to the Federal police after a preliminary investigation of alleged Islamists. After evaluating the information from Stuttgart, there is no concrete evidence to Spähversuche in Frankfurt, said a police spokeswoman on Friday.

Still, the colleagues had been sensitized in the Terminals and kept a look-out: “We adapt the police measures continuously the situation.” The officials showed on Friday beginning Christmas trip to wave a lot of presence, and ran a lot of Patrol. Additional controls or additional staff were not planned at the largest German airport. For the travelers there are, according to the spokeswoman, no restrictions.

According to the spying on suspected Islamists at airports in Paris and Stuttgart are trying to have on Friday officials in the state of Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, several homes searched. It goes to the suspicion of preparing a serious seditious act of violence. The Stuttgart airport had already been tightened on Thursday its security arrangements.