We have been going since the beginning of time, with the time to go to the pub, but the café in the 21st century, it can look very different. In fact, there are a few apps for your night out even more enjoyable to make. The equitable sharing of its account with the mobile app for beer enthusiasts to be the ultimate resource for the elaborate cocktail menu: we have lists of the best apps on the.

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Nothing is as bad for the atmosphere, as the plague is about to pay at the pub. A ‘pot’ of the present, everyone is already the same) will not always be honest: who should be friend, with a glass of water is really the same insert as the other one with his gin and tonic? Yet to work out how many people have bought copies, it can be such a hassle to be. With Splitwise, the threads neat and tidy in a number of clicks can be avoided. You, to whom the bill, paid it, and who is able to share. Disproportionate spread? Just let us know and will be automatically calculated.

the the Untappd

the the are you Serious, it’s very, very serious about your beer? Then Untappd is the solution. We are actually leading the social media for beer lovers dare to call them that. You are able to check-in at your favorite pubs, reviews, to leave a special beer, and badges to be unlocked in order to show that you are truly a connoisseur you are. Those who are beer brewing, you can have his or her work in this way, with the right man. Are you looking for someone to take a fancy on schuimkragen and koolzuurbellen to talk to, you can even request to send.

Free Tap Water in Belgium

Sometimes you are just thirsty, and it makes little sense to make a lot of money to have to pay in order to get yourself to hydrate. Then there’s Free Tap Water in Belgium is in the App. A quick glance at the map to make sure you know exactly where you are in the bars you can find in it a lot of fun, a glass of water for you to fill out. Not only that, you will discover a facility where they will do the same thing, then you can just add it to the map and to your fellow man and all of his or her thirst cure.

the Newspaper wine guide

If none of the wines, but at the pub I’ll still look for a special bottle to ask, get the help of a wine expert, Alain Bloeykens. The Newspaper App is the creation of his expertise, after all, sat in a wine guide, you’ll easily be able to find it in the local Newspaper-Menu). By means of a simple search, you can just give the name of the wine to enter that you are in any doubt. The number of the stars, and the explanation will tell you all about the taste, as you can see what you are after, you cafébezoek a bottle is available for purchase.


the If you are the celebration in the pub in the later hours of the night to continue, then there will be a dj, or a music cafébaas for this to happen. It’s fun, but then it sounds like all of a sudden that one of the songs you have always been a fan of it, but you will never have a title you can get. Those who have been in the evening at the café, do not want to spoil it by such brain teasers, you can just Shazam a download. Just turn on during the song itself, and the app will tell you who sings it and what the title is.

My-Cocktail Bar

if you have a gin and tonic or a whiskey coke, we can still have something to suggest, but it is not always easy to know what a cocktail is. Don’t know if you’re a Tequila Sunrise, or Bloody Mary, however, desires? You can Download a moment in My Cocktail Bar. In that app, you can use the ingredients that enter you will find. One click later, you get to imagine that’s exactly right for you, inspired taste. And you can go home and make again, capturing as well.

the Toilet Time:

for example, If you desperately want to get away from the boring topics of discussion at the counter, then Toilet Time, maybe it will help. The bag even down to the smallest room of the pub to put you down, far, far away from all of that, cafépraat. The application has a lot of specific and high – sensitive mini-games are waiting, so you’ll have just enough to relax, yet in a discreet period of time to be back on the bar stool, you can sit down. The games are getting harder and harder, so the challenge is assured.

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