Charly Musonda Jr. once again, for a long period of rehabilitation. The 22-year-old attacking midfielder, who is in the Netherlands, Supports him, but is the property of Chelsea football club published on Wednesday a picture of himself in a hospital bed on Instagram.

“The surgery went off without a hitch, ready to work, to continue to fight,” wrote the young Belgian is part of the picture, which is a tightly-bound feet. When he was on after his knee injury again, can be used, it has to be given.

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This e-mail message on Instagram

Surgery went well, ready to keep fighting. God’s plan is bigger than you think.”

A message that is shared by Charly Musonda Junior (@musonda) on.

Musonda had over the last few years to deal with a lot of long risk of injury. This season, he has played just three matches in his uitleenbeurt to Speed.

about five years ago, he was still considered to be one of the greatest promises in the Belgian football. In 2012, he broke in but he does have a contract with the youth of Anderlecht, to reach the big, Chelsea draw. He was the high hopes (for the time being, however, still does not happen, in spite of uitleenbeurten in the Spanish Real Betis, and the Scots in Spain, and the Netherlands ‘Vitesse’.