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For if we were more movies to live and survive in this 2020 that we will never forget, there we have the presidential elections in the U.S., that sound and resonate in the offing as the drums of war. The duel of Trump and Biden seems “guionizado” by the most perverse of the perverse, or bad among the bad guys of that imagination in shadows so well that dominates the comic-book superheroes. The Joker from Todd Phillips already gave the first signs of a rebellion in the shadow, the rising of the living dead trampled, time and time again, by the welfare society. The losers, on the English pure; the losers, thrown in the gutter, or go to rinchi, according to the Spanish most authentic.

Everything seems planned out by one of those series that go from truth to fiction in seconds

At this point of the plot, only it occurs to me to say that no one knows where he’s going to get out of the sun Tuesday is coming, the day of the hearing of this battle of the titans in age of retirement (not early) of american politics. If by East or by the West. Who knows if from the Moon, now that he has discovered water on its surface. The only clear thing is that everything seems planned out by one of those series that go from truth to fiction in a matter of a couple of chapters, which give an unexpected twist to attract an audience completely bowled over.

I am reminded of the mythical The west wing of the White House, of Aaron Sorkin , or the surreal Scandal, the more surreal it seemed to us in those times of its release more closer to the reality with which we have encountered in this start of the decade as apocalyptic. What to say of House of Cards?, with whose twisted stunts plot is descoyuntó more than one.

believe in the policy not to trust a hair , in that range run the stories so well spinning the film and television industry american. To remove that sour taste in the mouth that they are all bad, and that they may not earn the good nor to the shots, I leave a tip for this weekend pre-election: the trial of The 7 Chicago, the aforementioned Sorkin. There are who climb the moral a bit.

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