finally, The cash conversion cycle (CCC Team sport director Valerio Piva will start today for us in the Championship of Flanders, with just six riders. Nathan Van Hooydonck, let Koolskamp, after all, on the left, but it is the First of the Classic and the Gooikse left, respectively, on Saturday and Sunday.

“Nathan Van Hooydonck has just finished the Tour of Spain behind him. We can make it now, not three days in a row of quotes. In lieu of a triptych of runs On Hooydonck, therefore, is a two-part series. We’ll give you a day of peace, and that it is not a luxury for a young rider. After three gruelling weeks of the tour of spain,” says sports director Valerio Piva.

“I expect that it is in Koolskamp on a final sprint will play out. We won’t be able to have a favorite go to move. Especially when you’re in the other team’s looks, which, however, with their men, to the West of Flanders, have come down. In the us, then He Mareczko give the best of themselves. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we meet in the First of the Classic and the Gooikse Arrow, however, the courses that are better for us to lie down. And then there was an element of Him On the Team, the selection of countries.

the Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise looks sprinthoop Amaury Capiot sick, bored,

you may Also use the Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise will start in Koolskamp, with only six riders. After the GP de Fourmies on september 8, and is Amaury Capiot, after all, has fallen ill. The 26-year-old sprinter was last weekend forced to give up the Kustpijl in Knokke-Heist, belgium, and also in the Championship of Flanders in belgium.

“It’s going to be in the right direction, with the Amaury Capiot. On Wednesday, he felt much better, but we chose it anyway for ever to him one day, on the other hand. On Saturday, he may normally do, however, play in the First Classic. The Gooikse left on Sunday was not on the programme”, explains director Hans De Clercq of it.

“After the de Fourmies was Capiot with a fever. It will be a first-afzeggin in the Kustpijl. And we want to give our riders will not be asked for in the league, and the rest of the year to facilitate. After all, he’s our man, let’s say, from Paris to Tours. We miss out on, so, of course, is a strong man and a good sprinter in Koolskamp. When it comes to a bunch sprint, I can count on Having Weemaes and mr Christophe Noppe. Also, not a slow link.

More about Nathan Van Hooydonck 11 Of the Belgians, with 3 debutants in the tour of spain, Also with Dylan Teuns and Van Hooydonck will be able to in the tour of spain, the impressive Movistar and Astana, Nathan Hooydonck transported to the hospital after a fall in the Baloise Belgium Tour Wielgooier”, by Nathan Van Hooydonck apologizes for a bizarre argument with a bike on neutral, the car