now that The National Alzheimer’s League, it comes with a special edition of the series of kids Android, the disease is Alzheimer’s disease. This happens as a result of the 25th World Alzheimer’s Day on Saturday the 21st of september. It is a young girl who learns to deal with her “confused grandpa”, according to the League.

In the book, we can see how the Letters are concerned about the recent forgetfulness and changes in behavior of her family, and the announcement of the disease. The ability to have a fixed value for many generations of children, and therefore, according to the League of help for the young and the old, well-known to have the disease.

“People with Alzheimer’s often feel misunderstood, are socially isolated and left to themselves,” according to the League.

The League will begin with a campaign in the schools, but it will later on also in the booklet to gps, so that the children in the waiting room, they will be able to read it, said Sabine Henry, president of the National Alzheimer League.

For more information about the book can be found on the alzheimer’s real. The proceeds of the sale will be used for people with dementia and their families, and support for Alzheimer’s disease, for more discussion.

“very Well informed, it helps for some people to get an early diagnosis and to better cope with the disease, what it sounds like. Therefore, the aims of the League, there is also the toll-free number 0800/15225 in the netherlands, it’s a place to go with questions about the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease in which brain cells slowly and progressively destroyed. In Belgium, the number of people living with the disease today is estimated to be 212.000, with about half of that going to be the disease of Alzheimer’s disease.