Many press cartoonists share their art on Twitter to comment on the news with their biting humour. On the program of this press review: Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the 13 Hours newspaper. Back on the event of the last few days.

Several days after the adoption of the pension reform through the use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, Emmanuel Macron gave an exclusive interview to TF1 and France 2. While France is currently living to the rhythm of demonstrations led by the strikers opposed to this controversial reform, the Head of State spoke on Wednesday March 22, 2023 in the 13 Hours newspaper, live from the Élysée Palace.

Asked by presenters Marie-Sophie Lacarrau (TF1) and Julian Bugier (France 2), the President of the Republic answered their questions. The opportunity for the latter to return to the key points of the reform which intends to apply, despite the disapproval of public opinion. “It’s not a luxury, it’s not a pleasure, but it’s a necessity for the country. […] There were 10 million pensioners when I started working, there are 17 million today,” he said during this television interview.

For about forty minutes, President Emmanuel Macron also spoke about his future work and his renewed confidence in his Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. Among the 10 million viewers in front of their screens on TF1, France 2 or the news channels, some did not fail to react to his speech. From newspapers to social networks… Focus in images on the press cartoons of the week below.