Telephone: which subscriptions will increase in 2023?


In 2022, few sectors will be spared from rising prices. Electricity, gas, fuel, food… The purchasing power of French consumers has been put to the test. Last November, the European Commission revealed its revised economic forecasts for the euro zone for the end of the year and for 2023.

According to this document, inflation could reach a peak at the end of the year with inflation much higher than expected, estimated at 8.5% against the 7.6% expected. Regarding next year, it could reach 6.1%, against the 4% hitherto expected.

This trend is confirmed: some mobile and fixed telephone operators are already announcing a price increase from 2023. According to the price comparator Ariase, quoted by our colleagues from Femme Actuelle, “the average cost of fiber subscriptions has increased by 6.1 % and those of mobile plans by 19.6%”.

For its part, the operator Orange has already announced to its subscribers a price increase of a few euros to cope with the explosion in energy prices. A choice justified by “the significant increase in operating costs, in particular the energy that supplies mobile networks and the Internet”.

All packages should thus be affected, from March 2023, with an increase however limited to between one and two euros. Customers of the telephone operator who wish to cancel in order to move towards a less expensive option have the possibility of doing so free of charge within four months of receiving this email from Orange.