Bolognese, carbonara, gratin or even lasagna, there are as many ways to enjoy pasta as the human imagination can offer. A typical gastronomic element of Italy, they are appreciated all over the world so much so that the French and their 8 kilograms eaten per year and per person are far behind the Italians in terms of consumption.

Indeed, according to figures released by RMC in 2019, the latter consume an average of 23.5 kilograms of pasta per year and per person and occupy, unsurprisingly, the first place in the world ranking of the biggest pasta eaters.

But with such popularity and such a high level of production, this product is unfortunately not exempt from recall procedures. Indeed, today it is Lunch Boxes of the Lustucru brand that are concerned. Here are the product references:

Lunch Box tortellini 4 cheeses of the brand Lustucru of 360 grams:

Lunch Box serpentini chicken mushroom cream of the Lustucru brand of 340 grams:

These two products should not be consumed as they may present risks of injury and adverse effects after ingestion. Indeed, the potential presence of hard plastic has been detected in the pasta and it is therefore necessary to bring the food concerned back to the store to obtain a refund.

Discover in our slideshow the list of supermarkets where these Lunch Boxes can be returned.