Since its launch in 2015, the Linky meter has continued to spark controversy. Considered intrusive or even dangerous by some French people, there are still 10% of old meters in the country today. Part of the population is still protesting against Enedis’ desire to impose this new generation meter in all homes.

These people therefore continue to refuse its installation. However, from January 2023, they could well find themselves penalized. If you do not allow Enedis to replace an old meter with a Linky, which moreover has little-known features, and you have on the other hand communicated at least one consumption index reading during the last 12 months, you will be spared, at least for a while, reports Femme Actuelle.

“A specific metering component which will be invoiced to unequipped users (…) who have not allowed Enedis to install a Linky meter and who have not made their consumption index available to Enedis for a year from of January 1, 2022”, specified the Energy Regulatory Commission in a press release.

From 2023, the persons concerned should thus receive a letter indicating that approximately 5 additional euros will be deducted each month from their electricity bill. Over the year, this represents a total additional cost of 61 euros.

This sum should be valid until 2025. From then on, the amount could well be increased and will concern more people since even those who take their consumption reading should be deducted. On the other hand, French people who have not installed this meter due to technical impossibility will not be affected.