Energy savings: all the “phantom” appliances to be unplugged in every room of the house


Energy sobriety is on the rise. And even, it becomes indispensable. According to President Emmanuel Macron, we must rethink our consumption patterns to “get through the winter”, in the face of the crisis.

“If we lower our gas consumption by 10%, there will be no restrictions” on gas this winter, even specified the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, last week on France Inter. Emmanuel Macron, he called on homes to heat up a little less, citing the temperature of 19°C as the one not to be exceeded at home.

Household savings would therefore be the key to saving energy reserves and avoiding rationing.

But how to go about it now?

Here are some reflexes to adopt on a daily basis to reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%:

But that’s not all. Some “ghost” devices in your home consume large amounts of energy without you even realizing it. “They can represent up to 10% of the electricity bill, excluding heating,” notes La Dépêche, and there are around 20 to 40 per household, according to HydroQuébec. simply unplug for big savings.

In our slideshow, discover all these phantom consumptions, piece by piece.