Tax season has begun. The owners are the first to open the ball in October since they have to pay the property tax, which is up in many municipalities this year. Then will follow the last French people paying the housing tax and for whom it has still not been abolished.

11 million households will also be sampled this Monday, September 26, which is not necessarily good news. The tax authorities will indeed puncture those who have not paid enough income tax in 2021, in order to regularize their situation. This concerns tax households that have not adjusted their withholding tax rate after an increase in 2021. also be taken.

This bad news, however, is accompanied by good at the moment. You could receive in your mailbox a message sent by the Directorate General of Public Finances, which Planet has been able to consult. It concerns the advance which can be paid to you in January 2023 and which can be modified now. Employee at home, personal service, donations or union dues… These expenses “entitle you to income tax reductions or credits”, explains the email.

If you have declared your housekeeper or the nanny of your children, then you will benefit from this advance from the beginning of 2023. 60% of the latter will be paid to you from January, “on the basis of the latest known information. from the tax administration (declaration of your 2021 income made in the spring of 2022) for your tax reductions or credits which in principle come back each year”. According to the tax authorities, this advance is “a way to adjust your budget and avoid waiting for the summer of 2023 for your tax to be calculated”.

What to do if your situation has changed? This message from the General Directorate of Public Finance indicates that you can “reduce this advance” by going to your particular tax area. Then click on the section “Manage my deduction at source”, then “Manage your advances of reductions and tax credits”. Please note, you have until December 14 to modify or cancel the January 2023 advance.