Electricity: leave the oven door open to save money


One of the most used kitchen appliances is the oven. Ideal for making many recipes, it is however necessary to take a few precautions to avoid the risk of damaging it or not making the most of the energy consumed. In these times when the electricity bill can quickly climb, it is all the more important to know this little trick well…

It is that the oven fans, explains the Health media, consume more with the door closed. If the device is not likely to be damaged at this time, on the other hand, the cooling system must work… Consuming energy necessarily. To counteract this effect, you have to open the oven, so that it can cool down more quickly.

This small gesture has more than one benefit… For older appliances, fans can become noisy and annoying over time. Thanks to this trick, they will stop faster.

In addition, the heat emitted by the oven when it is stopped may risk damaging it. By opening the door, you ensure that your device never overheats.

The final advantage to this technique is perhaps the most economical. After having used your oven to concoct a delicious meal, opening the door for all the reasons mentioned above also allows… To heat your home. The temperature can rise a few degrees without paying a dime, depending on the size of the house.

Thanks to the heat given off by the oven, there is plenty to save on heating this winter…