Just don’t pay attention to it in the car, and it could easily lead to a tragic accident. Realized that Steven Ashby, in the Uk Certainly, but all the time he was in the vicinity of to this pre ride. The boy of the week, with a three-wheel vehicle is suddenly on the doorstep, and was on the road, but fortunately it was followed by a sharp reaction from the man. With a quick braking with the truck, it could be a disaster to avoid.

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Not much later, there came a woman believed to be the mother of a toddler, aangesneld to get the boy to safety. “I don’t know what goes through her head as a voice”, who reacted to Ashby after the incident. “She didn’t seem to realize how dangerous this could be. I am lucky to have a child of that age, so I know how unpredictable they can be.”

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