Since June 8, 2023, the 2022 tax return campaign has ended for all taxpayers. However, some taxpayers have not finished hearing about their declaration. Indeed, the tax authorities are in the process of calculating the final amount of tax due on the basis of income for 2022. However, depending on your situation, you may have to pay an additional amount or be reimbursed after being overpaid. collected.

If your tax is equal to the sums already deducted at source in 2022, you no longer owe anything to the tax authorities. Otherwise, June 8 did not sign the end of your exchanges with the tax administration. Indeed, according to the Ministry of the Economy, new deadlines await you if:

In any case, the tax administration wanted to convey an important message to guarantee the smooth running of these operations: “Make sure before July 3 that the bank account known to the tax administration is the correct one. Contact details banks known to the tax authorities and up to date guarantee a faster refund or a simplified payment in the event of an amount to be paid. How do you verify or update your bank details before July 3?

In order to update your bank details to facilitate the reimbursement or payment of your taxes before July 3, 2023, as requested by the tax authorities, there are two solutions:

Before carrying out these few steps, an essential element of verification and security must be taken into account to update your bank details. What is it?

Since 2023, the security of your change of bank details has been systematically reinforced. Indeed, you will now receive a single-use code sent by SMS to validate all banking transactions. However, according to the tax authorities, “this code is sent as soon as you have entered your mobile phone number in your private space.” It is therefore necessary to check that your telephone number is the correct one in your particular space before any modification of your bank details. Or you might find yourself unable to update your data before July 3.