There are just perfect days for hope home for the young Englishman Reiss Nelson. The 18-Year-old was a week ago, made his debut for the English U21, met in a two-Play twice – and made more in the Bundesliga. With his double, he turned Hoffenheim residue in Nuremberg, crucially, at the end of the TSG 3:1 (0:1) won. Vice world champion Andrej Kramaric had previously failed multiple times at the goalkeeper, the Swiss franc, Christian Mathenia, Nelson made it better, recovered two assists from Pavel Kaderabek.

The London-born plays only temporarily for Hoffenheim. TSG caught up with him for a fee of 500,000 Euro in the summer from FC Arsenal in the Kraichgau, this coming summer will return to Nelson in the English capital, wants to prove himself before “in the League”.

Together with Dortmund, Jadon Sancho, he is a close friend that he referred to him as “family,” Nelson is part of England’s, perhaps the Golden Generation. Sancho had advised him to move to Germany. Unlike in the past, young English talents are now also significantly more likely to have an early exchange abroad – there you can get playing time at a high level, unlike in the domestic, star-dominated Premier League.

“Hans Off”, say the English

“If in France, a 17-year-old has Talent, it doesn’t take long, until he comes in the Ligue one on a regular basis. In England this is not so,“ said the world champion coach Didier Deschamps recently to the WORLD. The British tabloid “Sun” suggested last week the Alarm, because in a game with the English U17 Scouts of all Bundesliga Teams were present. “Hans Off”, she wrote, addressed ambiguously to the Germans, warned of a “rampage”.

Nelson finally landed in Hoffenheim, TSG-Trainer Julian nail man. “He is building on young players. He is young, and I think it is important to join a Team that has confidence in you. For me, it was the main reason, because he is willing to let us play,“ says Nelson, who has brought most of his family to Germany With his mother and two siblings to Heidelberg moved.

In four Games for Hoffenheim Nelson hit four times, took his Bundesliga debut in Düsseldorf (1:2) in September, only 14 minutes to his first goal. After his double in Nuremberg, Nelson said modestly: “it was the best Reiss that is yet to come.” He was right, the young and talented officer of the day, a football-Admiral Nelson.