Are you over 65? Read this article carefully, because you can benefit from a special allowance on your income received in 2022, which applies for 2023 taxes. As Le Particulier explains, this allowance has been increased to 5.4% for this year. , Which give :

Please note that this allowance does not apply if you declare more than 26,400 euros of net taxable income and it cannot be combined with that for disabled people. If you live as a couple and you both have 65 or more, then you benefit from a doubled reduction, since this applies to each person in the household who meets the conditions of resources, adds the site. You don’t have to do anything, the tax authorities deduct the allowance themselves.

The same allowance applies, regardless of their age, to all taxpayers who are considered disabled. The Individual recalls that it is necessary to benefit from “a military disability pension for an incapacity of at least 40%, a disability pension for an accident at work of at least 40%, or [to be] holder of a ‘mobility inclusion’ card bearing the mention ‘disability’ for an incapacity of at least 80%”. Thus, disabled people can benefit from the income tax deduction for the year in which they applied for the disability card at the town hall of their place of residence.

Among other good news for 2023, parents having their children under the age of six looked after outside their home will be entitled to an increased tax credit. In practice, the costs paid in 2022 by these parents for the assistance of an approved childminder or a drop-in daycare give rise to a tax credit increased by 50% this year. It will amount to a maximum of 1,750 euros per child (half for minors in shared custody), compared to 1,150 euros so far.

Also note that marticle the withholding tax mechanism (PAS) is modified in 2023 to improve the contemporaneity of the tax by lowering from 10% to 5% the difference threshold allowing the modulation of the withholdings. As Que Choisir reports, with this development of the withholding tax, the public authorities hope to “limit the number of households receiving a tax refund each year in July, because they have been deducted too much at source l ‘last year”. In July 2022, 13.7 million households thus obtained an average refund of 839 euros, more than half of which because their tax rate was too high in 2021. Thanks to the adjustment of the withholding tax , these households “will be able to act more easily on their rate during the year, and thus improve their cash flow by no longer granting undue tax advances to the tax authorities”.

Among the other new features, note that the famous 0RA box of the tax declaration will no longer appear in 2023. 138 euros per year in metropolitan France or 88 euros overseas for taxpayers. Nearly 23 million households were liable for this tax.

This Monday, January 16, 9 million households will receive an advance on the tax credits and reductions they can benefit from for 2022. The transfer will be on average 624 euros. The taxpayers concerned by this bank transfer are those employing an employee at home, having had childcare costs or accommodation in nursing homes, or having made rental investments for example. If you made donations to charities or political parties in 2022, they are also eligible for this financial advance according to La Dépêche. “This advance, paid in one go, corresponds to 60% of the total amount of the tax reductions and credits concerned, declared in the spring of 2022 for expenditure incurred in 2021”, specified in a press release from the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.

As a reminder, here are the new tax brackets for the year 2023, according to the scale unveiled last September.