An advance of 624 euros on average. On January 16, 2023, nearly 9 million households received a transfer from the tax authorities, corresponding to 60% of the total amount of tax reductions and credits declared in the spring of 2022 for expenses incurred in 2021.

“Example: if you had under your 2021 income a tax reduction for donation to an association in the amount of 500 euros and a tax credit for employment of an employee at home of 1,500 euros, a deposit of 1,200 euros (2,000 x 60%) is paid to you in mid-January 2023 and the balance in the summer of 2023 (i.e. 800 euros if your situation has not changed)”, explains the official tax website. If a supplement is due to you, or if you have received a larger sum than expected, the situation will be regularized in the summer of 2023.

The taxpayers concerned have no action to take, except to consult their bank account to verify that the payment, labeled “ADVANCE CREDIMPOT”, has indeed been made. But what if you haven’t received anything? First, be patient: transfers can take several days to appear in your bank account.

Otherwise, you may not have entered your bank details in your personal space on the website, in the “Manage my direct debit at source” section. Is this your case? Don’t worry: like 221,000 other tax households, you will receive your advance in the form of a check letter, sent by post by the end of January.

Here, according to figures from the DGFiP relayed by MoneyVox, the average amount of advances in 2019 according to the type of credits and tax reductions: