Emmanuel Macron will have to govern without an absolute majority in the Assembly. This is one of the lessons of this second round of the 2022 legislative elections, during which the presidential political party, Together!, only obtained 245 seats against the 289 required. Here is the composition of the National Assembly according to figures from France Info:

Without this absolute majority, it will be much more difficult for Emmanuel Macron to pass his various reforms. “The Republic on the move and its allies MoDem and Horizons recorded an unprecedented underperformance: the smallest majority of the Fifth Republic, so weak that it raises institutional questions,” writes La Provence. The future is therefore uncertain for many of the projects of the President of the Republic, including the pension reform.

Only lever of the deputies of Together! : create alliances with other members of the National Assembly. “On the pension reform, Emmanuel Macron and Les Républicains agree, as Valérie Pécresse had notably expressed a few weeks earlier. Enough to consider an alliance on the right for the Head of State”, notes L’Internaute .