Event of the year for Stijn Desmet, in spite of the Belgian’s record at P-gp, Salt Lake City


Shorttracker Stijn Desmet, the sharpness of Saturday’s national record in the 500 meters, but it was not for him to be a finalist. In the semi-final battle of the world cup in Salt Lake City, ended-up Rates do not stand a chance as a fifth.

in Its time, it was 40.309 seconds. Improve the Belgian record at a time, and that he was on the 1 of February of this year, in Dresden, was established (40.386). The Chinese Dajing Wu won the semi-finals of the 40.015. The gold went to South Korean director Dae Heon Hwang (39.729). New in the fifth job starts, and to which place he had, during the whole of the race. In the semi-final, he was able, along with the opponents to pick up, and he was in the 40.606 behind the Wu first.

the New the speeding car drivers, from the Far East is quite aware of. He and his sister, Hanne, who, on Sunday, at the 1000-meter in action, taking advantage of their time in the Dutch version.

now, In the form of Dutch coach Jeroen Otter, they have to be a creative trainer. Their colleagues, praised the technological innovations of the Belgian coach, Pieter Gysel. He is the man behind the jetpropellor, a sort of mini-missiles, which are the young skaters in the back to get to the sea level a little bit to get used to the speed of the hooglandbanen in North America. (the eu position).