The fight against the pandemic – Six Dead due to faulty ventilation equipment in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago has given Russia respiratory devices in Italy. Now the model has proven to be potentially dangerous in the world. Silke Bigalke from Moscow, Oliver Meiler from Rom7 Kommentare7Die article, because in St. Petersburg’s city hospital, a ventilator, went up in flames.Photo: Anton Vaganov (Reuters)

The ventilators were brand new, the clinic of St. George, in St. Petersburg, used only for a few days. Because of the Corona of a pandemic, the hospital had ordered almost 240 appliances at a company in the Urals. On Tuesday morning, started a fire, probably a short circuit ignited the oxygen mixture. The device, which is supposed to save lives killed, five patients were all ventilated. Four of them died presumably of carbon monoxide poisoning due to the fire. A Patient died because his breathing was a device that was by the short circuit. A similar fire had killed in the past week, a patient in a Moscow hospital.

debt. in both cases, the ventilation devices of the type Awenta-M, manufactured by “Ural Instrument plant” in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg Meanwhile, the Russian health authority has responded Rossdrawnadsor: she pulls out all devices of this type from the transport, the after 1. April have been made. What is it with the date, and explained the authority. However, he recalled that on 1. April landed a Russian plane with medical supplies in the United States. Also on Board is a 45-ventilation equipment, including the model that has now triggered the fires it had. According to the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs, Washington took over at the time, half the cost of the delivery, the other half of Moscow.

A letter of protest remained unheeded

Russia is helping the USA – for the Kremlin, the delivery meant good advertising. This is all the more true because the model Awenta-M is manufactured strictly taken by a company that is under U.S. sanctions. The company is in the Urals, a subsidiary of Kret-Holding, which is mainly for defense technology and the state defense firm Rostec heard. Washington accepted the delivery yet. According to the U.S. Fema, the Awenta-M-devices were used but never. After the fires in Russia, the Fema has recalled you from the U.S. States. Of the Russian recall, you are not affected because of the closing.

Russian hospitals, however, hits you in a particularly difficult Phase. The number of Infected has risen in the country, in the meantime, more than a quarter of a million. As the apparatus is to be replaced, is unclear. The Russian authorities had declared Kret is the main supplier and only in April 6700 piece ordered. The plant near Yekaterinburg had to fold his production suddenly by tenfold. In mid-April, the state television showed a report from the factory. The lack of respiratory equipment, said the presenter in his introduction, it will cost many Thousands of lives “even in the so-called civilised or developed countries”. Fortunately, Russia could produce the sought-after equipment in their own country. The factory in Yekaterinburg, have made ten of the day, now there are 100 a day.

long before the pandemic, there had been doubts as to Russian equipment. As the Ministry of Commerce 2018 proposed that no foreign ventilation devices more to purchase to be contacted twelve organizations in an open letter to the President. If Russian clinics would be forbidden to buy foreign machinery and apparatus, harmful to this is “the lives of tens of thousands of citizens of our country”. The Russian models could not compete in quality, reliability, and functionality with the imported from the West. The government maintained its decision. Since last year, state hospitals are forced, Russian apparatus to purchase.

The delivery of the equipment was staged so perfectly that Italian media kept them for a marketing campaign.

at the beginning of the pandemic, as Russia would be so abundant that the Kremlin is advertising them effectively could give away. Already in March, he flew 150 ventilation devices to Italy. In this acute first Phase of the crisis, the Italians felt themselves left alone from their traditional friends and neighbours in Europe, and built instead on help from Russia and China.

The delivery in 17 cargo flights from Moscow, was so perfectly orchestrated that the Italian media has kept it for political Marketing. Also, you wondered if the breathing apparatus were perhaps not in vain. Premier Giuseppe Conte, of the had previously spoken with Putin, each forbade themselves to questioning: the mere thought that the “gesture of friendship” was tied to the Russians to terms and conditions, tantamount to a “big insult”. On the military trucks from Russia were a pair of stickers with hearts on them in Russian and Italian national colors, and the Slogan “From Russia with Love” in several languages, the original title of the James Bond film “greetings from Moscow”.

The 150 Awenta-M were intended for the field hospitals in Milan and Bergamo. In Milan, they were never used, because the Ad-hoc clinic was barely used. In Bergamo you last week, for the last Time been used, because there, in the most dramatic measures taken, the city in Italy, the number of intensive care treatments now greatly declined.

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