(Englewood) Veteran quarterback Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos will start Sunday’s game on the bench.

So, Jarrett Stidham will be the starting quarterback against the Los Angeles Chargers.

This outcome is similar to what happened last year when Stidham started the final two games of the season for the Las Vegas Raiders after the team opted to sit out Derek Carr and send him home to a business decision.

The Broncos confirmed the news on social media late Wednesday afternoon. The team made a post on X saying Stidham would be the starting quarterback for the game against the Chargers.

Head coach Sean Payton, along with Stidham, met with reporters after the team’s practice session.

A source informed the Associated Press of the news before it was later confirmed by the Broncos.

This source indicated that the circumstances are still different from those which prevailed in Las Vegas last year because Wilson will be in uniform on Sunday and could therefore be available to participate in the match.

If Wilson doesn’t play in any further games this season, however, the Broncos will have kept their options open in 2024.

The $39 million salary in Wilson’s contract for next season is already guaranteed, but if he makes the team’s roster on March 17, his $37 million salary for 2025 will also be guaranteed.

Since injured players cannot be released, the Broncos would have had to pay that 2025 salary if Wilson had been injured in the last two weeks of this season and had not been able to pass a physical in the spring .

This is why the Raiders decided to return Carr home a year ago.

The Associated Press source said no decision has been made regarding Wilson’s future with the Broncos, and that the decision to leave him out has more to do with on-field performance than the financial aspect. The offense needs a spark and Payton, who has been vocal about his team’s offensive woes lately, wants to see what Stidham can bring.

With three losses in their last four games, the Broncos (7-8) are in danger of being excluded from the playoffs for an eighth year in a row, despite a better performance from Wilson compared to last year.

Wilson ranks in the top 10 in almost every stat category through the air this season.

The Broncos are ranked 12th overall in the AFC and the teams in the top seven positions will advance to the playoffs.

However, the Broncos can still hope to win the Western Section championship if they win all their games by the end of the season and the Kansas City Chiefs lose their last two meetings.

So far this season, Wilson has accumulated 3,070 yards through the air. He completed 26 touchdown passes and had eight of his passes intercepted. Last year, he had to settle for 16 touchdown passes and was the victim of 11 interceptions.

However, Wilson is only 11-19 as a starter for the Broncos since the big trade with the Seattle Seahawks last year.

Last year, Wilson signed a five-year contract extension worth $245 million that takes effect next season.