“You refer only to your navel! What think you, who are you? You’re a money machine! There is neither spontaneity nor love in what you do!“ – this is not just a nice comment behind the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli was the end of November, taking a Selfie is probably the most successful Influencerin these days, Chiara Ferragni.

Now doesn’t have to be any Fan of the 31-year-old blogger and entrepreneur who earned her money as a priority with self-marketing on Instagram, where she has 15 million subscribers. Recently, Designer Stefano Gabbana to Ferragnis wedding dress around mäkelte.

But Cavalli stepped in again and threw Ferragni in a further comment, it would not satisfy your spring-born son to become aware of their Breasts to spare and brought a lot of attention.

in fact, your body Ferragnis capital. On the annotated photo, the young mother is presented in underwear and advertises for a lingerie label. It is possible that you need to satisfy, similar to have decided in the past Models. Also there is a criticism: is Breastfeeding the best for the child and the good-looking women are bad role models for”normal” mothers, it’s often. Apart from this, there may be numerous other reasons why a woman cannot breastfeed her Baby, even though she wants it. But even if there is not this, it remains Ferragni, the decision over her body is still up to you.

many Fans of Cavalli’s is a criticism of Ferragni’s not good. “An old man commented, if a young mother is breastfeeding or not – you should be ashamed of themselves,” writes a user. Some, including Ferragnis man, the Rapper Fedez, hope at least that it is in Cavalli’s Account is a Fake. After all, he is not provided with a blue hook. The profile, however, shows a long series of snapshots and Selfies of the fashion designers that work at least authentic. In such a way: A Selfie with Ferragni, posted in February of this year, under the horses wrote, how much he adore the young woman.

he has changed his mind later, allegedly: In a further comment, and after harsh criticism from Ferragnis Fans of the 78-year-old fashion designer apologizes in detail in the Influencerin. “I hope not, I’ve lost your friendship,” he writes, among other things, and pushes his evil comments on his impulsive character.