Religion and LGBTI, For you, homosexuality is only a SymptomIn the “brotherhood of the road” want Christians to overcome your gay “” because of a law passed recently in Switzerland. Simon Widmer4 Kommentare4Glaubt, homosexuality’ll change: Markus Hoffmann, co-founder of the “desert power” and “brotherhood of the road”.Photo: Screenshot of Youtube / the Voice of the Silenced

homosexuality is surmountable. The many representatives of the free churches or conservative Christian circles think. Often you will plunge into a crisis of meaning, if you feel that you are lesbian or gay. Help promise of self-appointed therapists who want homosexual “reversing the polarity”.

In Germany, the Bundestag has banned such conversion therapies two weeks ago, to a large extent. The law provides that the controversial therapies in the case of under 18-Year-old says. The prohibition should also apply when adults a “wants to defect are subject to” – for example, by deception, mistake, coercion, or threat. On the way the new law, the German Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), who is openly gay, has brought. In Switzerland the conversion are allowed treatments until further notice.

Switzerland – the haven

Already, a few days after the adoption of impact of the ban show up: Switzerland is a place of refuge for religious fundamentalists from Germany. “The brotherhood of the road”, a German Association of gay Christian men, has recently founded an Association with a Swiss seat. Previously, the organization was located in the Swabian Tamm.

The “brotherhood of the road” sees the new law in Germany are discriminated, and fights to be in connection with conversion therapies, called, from which it dissociates itself. On the Website of the Association of the speech of changes in the sexuality is in the context of the “open-ended process”.

“sexuality can change”

the similarities with the conversion therapies are Actually highly visible. The “brotherhood of the road” is originally from “desert power”, the most famous organization for “Umpolungs therapies”. Co-founder of “desert power” the German social worker, Markus Hoffmann. Later, he renamed his club “Institute for Dialogic and identity pastoral care and counselling” (IdiSB). It is also the IdiSB, which has created an opinion was to be, according to which the activities of the brotherhood in Germany and probably not tolerated.

the “brotherhood of the road” is of the opinion that homosexuality can be overcome. We are convinced that “sexuality can be something Fluid and, therefore, also change,” says the President of the brotherhood of Peter Rechsteiner. Homosexuality is for the Association is often only a temporary phase of life.

a, experiences a traumatic childhood, charged relationships to parents or through sexual dependencies is caused. This is evident from the testimonies of the released members of the brotherhood on the Website. A man writes his homosexual feelings would be related to self-hatred. After he realized this, he overcame his own words, be gay. Another, meanwhile, married to a woman, writes: “I would be lying if I would say that my homosexual feelings are completely gone. But today, I can handle it.”

Pink Cross: “supposedly voluntary”

Now, therefore, the move to Switzerland. But here, too, the brotherhood meets with rejection. “These offers are only supposedly on a voluntary basis. In truth, a social pressure, to change his homosexuality is in these circles,” says Roman Heggli of the gay organisation Pink Cross. The danger of traumatic experiences big.

the “brotherhood of the road” is moving to Switzerland, and in view of the Hegglis view tabs law in this country is typical. For him, it is clear that conversion therapies should be banned. A corresponding advance from the Old BDP national councillor Rosmarie Quadranti is pending in Parliament.

For Roman Heggli the law is a further proof that Switzerland has with respect to LGBTI Rights pent-up demand. He cited a Ranking of lesbian – and gay organisation Ilga. On a list of 49 European countries, Switzerland is in 23rd place, behind countries like Bosnia, Croatia, and Greece.

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