Reader questions – part of something GrossemDie response to a reader question on the topic of mass and happiness.Peter Schneider4 Kommentare4Klimastreik Demonstration in Winterthur in July 2019.Photo by: Marc Dahinden

Previously, I took part in demonstrations, with sang with thousands of like-minded people in a sea of lights, the songs by Patent Ochsner, cheered with cronies at a goal of our team and felt as a man among men. Today, the people back in front of me or go behind a plexiglass cover. My joy of life is at an absolute low point. I’m afraid I’m going to be highly rewarding and long-lasting feeling of being part of something Big have been to, you never know. What do you mean? And I have to hold the souvenir in honor of me and in the future, elsewhere on happiness s uche go? G. A.

Dear Mr. A.

In these times (*throws a Coin into the Corona-phrases-pig*) have developed some people of a certain missionary inclination, your own Experience of the pandemic to a scale of take, such as “the time after” should look like. People who were able to gain from the Shutdown quite a bit, sitting so very happy to be home, and whose ideas of a crowd with the cover, what the BAG recommends as a low-risk group size; for each excuse still so grateful to have somewhere’T need to add; Philistines, the miss, neither concerts, nor museums, nor readings and also particular Sports both in active as well as passive ways, are averse to.

I Would be a conspiracy theorist, I would not make Gates and Merkel for the pandemic, but such “Oblomov”-Shape (like me). Your Mail reminded that there are also people who suffer from the safety requirements and their ideas of a happy life epidemiological are currently not harmless, but, nevertheless, legitimate, and understandable. There is not only the resentment of the Shutdown opponent against the proponents, but also the opposite. Of people who go from temporary measures because of the pandemic to the extent that they fit you well – a confirmation of your personal life change and hope.

What must it be after the first tentative Opening of the shops right in front of the Chanel Store queue or play with the idea of whether you can not fly in the autumn, perhaps to Mallorca? Here … The Mantra of this self-confirmation is: SO WHAT no one NEEDS. But obviously you need things to luck, I don’t need, and your happiness is my not and my not be yours, and apparently you have it in these times (five of the Liber!) much harder than I do. But this times (the eat all of my Five-franc pieces) will certainly not last forever, and I wish you a good time on Demos, concerts and football.

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