Christmas is slowly approaching. As autumn is soon upon us, the end-of-year celebrations are already shaping up to be turned upside down. Indeed, various shortages of products, particularly consumed during the winter and on December 25, are looming.

Last year, everyone feared disruptions in the supply of toys for children, due to the slowdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, if there does not seem to be a problem on this subject, other concerns are likely to spoil Christmas.

Forest fires and drought have condemned the young Morvan fir trees used for Christmas. As the latter did not have deep enough roots, many perished in the fires this summer, says Femme Actuelle. It is still 50% to 80% of the 2022 plantation that was destroyed.

However, there will be no consequence for this year, explains Sylvie Colliette, producer of trees in Villargoix, for the columns of France Info. “It is the 5-year-old trees that are marketed”. On the other hand, she indicates, “there will be an additional cost”.

Nevertheless, we will have to be vigilant… The Journal du Center indicated that a shortage would be possible in four or five years, precisely because these conifers have burned.

According to data collected on Femme Actuelle, La Dépêche, Radio France and Le Figaro, certain things popular at the winter holidays are also likely to face shortages. In this sense, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists what could be missing for New Year’s Eve or at the foot of the tree.