Are you ready for “the end of abundance”? It was Emmanuel Macron who announced it at the end of August 2022. The energy crisis in France is such that the President of the Republic and its ministers are now worried about the risk of cuts during the winter, and if it turns out to be too cold, as Planet has already explained, the situation could prove particularly complex to manage. To prevent this type of turn of events, the Head of State even decided to resuscitate the National Defense Council, recalls the evening daily on its site, which it had not held since the health crisis.

This energy crisis, it should be noted, is not the first of its kind. Of course, it probably remains historic. But it is clear that there is a precedent from which the government could very well draw inspiration. In 1973, under the presidency of a certain Georges Pompidou, France had to face one of the most significant oil shocks in history. How did the executive then react?

To deal with the impending disaster, Georges Pompidou and his team first put in place heating restrictions, an approach that it could be relevant to consider yourself this winter to reduce its invoice. Find, in our slideshow below, some of the ways to apply to save a little bit. Followed to the letter, as our colleagues from Le Parisien explain, you could perhaps save up to 10%.

Electricity consumption schedules (TV sets, lighting, etc.) were also strictly regulated and tougher speed limits were put in place to encourage drivers not to consume too much fuel. Moreover, a post of general delegate for energy had then been created, “to provide the means to intervene”.