The Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei is set up in the current year, despite the political headwinds, with a sales record. The proceeds were to be climbing in 2018 and by 21 percent to 109 billion dollars, announced Chairman Guo Ping on Thursday in his new year’s address. Thus, the number one in the world is growing faster than in the previous two years.

in the coming year, it looks good: According to Guo Huawei has 26 orders for the new mobile radio standard 5G, and also the Smartphone sales run around. This year, the number of devices sold to crack for the first time, the 200-million mark. Meanwhile, Huawei is the second largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world, behind Samsung and ahead of Apple.


Huawei is in many of the countries under observation. Secret services accuse the company to maintain ties to the government in Beijing and the suspect, equipment or mobile phones could contain for spies a back door to gain access to government or corporate secrets. Huawei rejects this.

Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou has recently been taken in Canada and only on bail of the left. In Australia and new Zealand, the company is not allowed to participate, however, on the 5G-construction of, in America, it is excluded from most of the shops.

a state of emergency due to Huawei and ZTE?

Donald Trump wants to toughen the procedure but apparently. Using a state of emergency American companies should be prohibited to purchase equipment from Huawei, and the Chinese telecommunications company ZTE, said three familiar with the matter people. The state of emergency could be with reference to threats by foreign forces to explain. This could be done already in January.

With this step, the government in Washington could the two Chinese technology companies are pushing further out of the American mobile market. There is the Expansion of the cellular wireless standards 5G. The Order period for the award is just running hot.