Shortly before the turn of the year, the Hessian Minister for social Affairs Stefan Grüttner (CDU) has warned of the illegal and handmade fireworks. Buying and selling were prohibited not only stressed Grüttner on Thursday in Wiesbaden. There is also a risk for injuries, accidents and damage. Therefore, only certified fireworks should be bought in Germany.

These are classified according to the Minister, in two categories. Firecrackers having the symbol F2 as rockets, fountains and firecrackers should only be supplied to persons aged 18 years and ignited issued. Fireworks of category F1, such as Sparklers and Table fireworks could be purchased throughout the year, and already by twelve years of will be burned.

the basic Principle is the fact that pyrotechnics only on July 31. December and 1. January and not in the immediate vicinity of hospitals, churches, children’s and old people’s homes, as well as Reed and timber-framed houses burned. In addition, it is prohibited to direct missiles at people, animals, buildings or vehicles, said the Minister. Firecrackers, firecrackers, cannon shots, and fountains should be ignited, moreover, never in the Hand or in an uncontrolled manner from the thrown.