There has been a lot of fuss was made in Ireland by a preview of two of the tramcontroleurs a teenager on the tracks to throw in. The work was last Friday and made a stop in Dublin and they were already thousands of views and are shared only after they are on the same day, and even on Facebook have been published. The teen was injured and was admitted to the hospital. It is not clear what the inspectors possessed, and what is the reason for the worstelpartij it was. “This is purely an abuse of power,” said a witness.

“Bastards,” writes Stefan Manahan video on Facebook. “For the last time, they (controllers, ed.) to be very violent and will become more and they can enjoy their property.” The guy took the pictures while on the tram, sat. He wants to be, she is now spreading, so that the back of the clip, you can use it to file a complaint against the men.

According to Transdev, the transport authority responsible for trams in the capital, the matter will be investigated. “If we look at all the facts, we will take appropriate measures”, what it sounds like. “Up until that time, we will not comment on what may have happened.”

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