The U.s. aviation authorities on Friday announced that the airlines that use the Boeing 737 NG aircraft, additional controls must be carried out, because some of those aircraft are “structural cracks” are found.

According to the Federal Aviation Authority (fsa) has brought the company in the Us, the problem is the electricity, after the tears, discovered it while the adjustments are carried out in an apparatus, and showed that subsequent inspections of the same problems in a small number of other aircraft. Boeing did on Friday, also know that the clients had already been contacted in connection with the issue, but there have been no known cases of devices that were in use”.

as for The 737 NG has been in operation since 1997, and is the third generation of the best-selling aircraft for Boeing. Neither the FAA nor Boeing has made it clear how many aircraft are involved. The 737 MAX aircraft, which are already in march, on the ground, and after two fatal crashes in five months, according to Boeing, will not be involved in this issue.

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