The new Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) called on Wednesday in its regeerverklaring “to the negativity behind us”. He wants to be is a story in a book that in all the Flemish delights, whatever their race, beliefs or sexual orientation might be.” Whether the opposition want to come in, that of positivism, but the question is: in the first session was for a while suspended, since there is as yet no overview of the final budget.

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After the swearing in, king Philippe spoke of Ham and sat night for the first time in the Flemish Parliament. “I’ll put in a call to our young people,” he said in his speech. “Do not lose hope. We will give you more than you will ever need to have to make the transition to a circular economy a reality. It is your hard work today at the school, we have in the fight against climate change will win out.”

A large part of his speech was reserved for the integration. “We will be the warmth and a feeling of security to provide it to all who are born, grow, live, work, and live. But, if you’re here for a new life to build and fully subscribe to in our community. Those who want to be a part of our community and deserve all of the opportunities available. However, we do expect everyone to contribute.”

Ham and gruwt to say on the issue of racism. “I make it a point of honour with this government, discrimination in any form whatsoever to deal with them. And that’s only if we, as a community, as well as the individual is able to make. The result of this neutrality by the government, and the community, and the more stringent terms and conditions of approval for the communities of faith and schools, the minister of Justice and the enforcement … It’s all there for you to focus on the freedom of a society to maintain it.”


the arm wrestling on budgetary data:

A begrotingstabel, the government will pass next week, to present, to the detriment of the opposition parties, which figures show. “Everything is, of course, the fiscal picture is, ‘ said Ham, in his regeerverklaring. But a lot of details about the fiscal picture were not there in the statement.

“I will be to you next week and happy to explain what is the fiscal path exactly to switch it off. I will be the president of the parliament, asking for a committee to be convened. Today, I especially want to be aware of the importance of the project for the community, where we are with this government,” said Ham.

But it was not to the liking of the opposition parties as Vlaams belang, Groen, SP.A-and the LABOUR party. They demanded in unison that the government, with the number of the pins would come out. They schermden with the rules of procedure and the agenda of the parliament. In it, the government is also of note would be on the lines of the budget by the year 2020. Ham, however, held on, and the session had to be suspended. Finally won the Ham of his first arm wrestling with the opposition.

Björn Rzoska (Groen), and Conner From SP.(A) Photograph of BART DEWAELE

“Loss of face for the government,”

you will be no budgetary figures and so. To the chagrin of the opposition. “What are we actually doing?” asked Green party leader Björn Rzoska (to come). “This is too crazy for words,” he said. “It was lots of fun with the houses of parliament. I haven’t really had much desire to tell you that we are not debating the figures,” said Rzoska. The parliament is debating and will vote on Friday on the regeerverklaring trust and confidence in the government.

“It’s very difficult to get the parliament to vote on the plan of the government, as we have no numbers to get in. The government has, time and life. The Septemberverklaring is a Oktoberverklaring now. This is a real loss of face for the government,” said the Flemish Interest party leader, Chris Smith. “A regeerverklaring be budgetary data, it is like cooking without salt and pepper,” says Smith.

you can get A similar sound with the LABOUR party leader, Jos D’haese: “It was hallucinatory. The we are against such are to be distributed, but to clarify, the money isn’t there. It is a contempt to the parliament. You can’t just take a vote on a coalition agreement, without a specific figure in it? We want to use it in a debate on the coalition agreement, as we in the begrotingstabellen,” said D’haese.

SP.A and Vlaams belang ask for a postponement of the debate:

you may Also use the SP.A deputy Conner], Which says that the parliament may find it difficult to vote no to the budgetary figures in the hand. “It seems to me to be quite unusual. This is a government of big words, but empty pockets,” said Rousseau, who speaks of a ” slap-in-the-face’ of the parliament and an early start to the government:-Ham. “How can we possibly have a decent debate, when all of the numbers are missing? Now, we need to talk about the meaningless words of a Ham.”

IN THE SP.A it’s not just for what it is. Rousseau has a president, Liesbeth Homans, in an e-mail is said to be one of the group’s begrotingstabellen for Friday and want to see it, “if we ask for a postponement of the debate.

Also, for the Vlaams belang has been a debate in the parliament is not much sense in that, parliament does not have the begrotingstabellen. “I want to be there with you, urging you to have the budgetary figures in the government, and in sufficient time to meet with the parliament to get this knowledge is to be able to debate it this week”, says deputy Chris Smith to the Homans to know. The Flemish Interest party leader, asks “whether it is for a parliament that claims to be one of the main tasks is the control of the government, and serious, but is useful for discussion to take place? “

Liesbeth Homans (Photo: BELGA < / P> Homans appointed as the new chairman of the

At the end of the session, Liesbeth Homans (N-VA), namely has been appointed as the new chairman of the Flemish Parliament. Ten years later, Marleen Vanderpoorten (Open VLD), the Flemish Parliament will once again have a female president. This is the third session in a row, which is the N-VA, the chairman of the supplies.

The 46-year-old Homans in the footsteps of Jan Peumans and tussenpaus’ is Wilfried Vandaele. “I’m going to do my best to be the chairman of all of the members of parliament, and I’m going to take a lot of pleasure, and the government will control,” said Homans, in her very first words as president. The Antwerp-based policy, which closed with a touch. “I promise you, anyone declare, that I am going to work on my non-verbal communication.”

the Current interim president is Wilfried Vandaele was unanimously elected as leader of N-VA in the Flemish Parliament. Earlier in the day confirmed Vandaele, that he had been asked to do this job, but he was waffling on whether to combine it with the mandate of The Cock.

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