While the retirement pension rewards a long working life, many retirees wonder about the probability of obtaining a retroactive pension. It must be said that with the recent pension reform, two years of additional work will await the French, as well as an insurance period increased to 43 annuities. Between leaving or staying, the hearts of future retirees swing, which explains this questioning about retroactivity. Is this possible for the retirement pension?

As of September 1, the gradual increase in the legal retirement age will be put in place. From 62, the retirement age will gradually be brought back to the fateful threshold of 64. Only a handful of French people will thus be able to leave earlier thanks to various mechanisms, whether it is that of long careers or even cases of disability. For the others, it is at 64 that it will now be necessary to leave while the age of the full rate will remain at 67.

Many French people therefore wonder if it is possible to receive a retirement pension with a retroactive payment. Unfortunately, the payment of the pension cannot be made in this way since it is never granted automatically. Without a request from the future retiree, there cannot be any payment made. The retirement starting point does not have the capacity to be earlier, even if the rights could have been opened before. It is therefore essential to be well informed about your possible retirement rights when you approach the fateful limit.