After renovations that cost more than twice as much to renovate, the Tennessee Titans are now working to design a new stadium next to their current stadium.

According to The Tennessean, Burke Nihill, Titans’ president, spoke at a Metro Sports Authority board session Thursday about the team’s plans. Metro Nashville officials are currently working with the Titans to determine the cost and design of a new stadium built on Nissan’s parking lots.

Nihill pointed out that inflation is pushing costs up, and that both Nashville and Titans want to finish their work by the 2026 season.

Nihill stated that “We are trying to move with wisdom but with a sense if urgency.” We have a way forward. If we align by the fall, we can have a new stadium opened (by 2026). We believe it is possible, even though it’s quite aggressive.

Nashville is one of the cities that are bidding to host 2026 World Cup. FIFA officials have toured Nashville Stadium and Music City in September last year.

The original plan of the Titans to renovate the $292 million stadium that opened in 1999 under a 30-year lease was to do so for $292 million. Nashville officials have been planning for over a year to redevelop hundreds upon acres surrounding the Nissan Stadium on the Cumberland River.

The first estimate was $600 million for the renovation of Nissan Stadium. Contractors discovered issues with the stadium’s prefabricated concrete, which is difficult to renovate and aging. The infrastructure is also deteriorating.

Nihill stated that a new stadium would be a better investment in the long-term.

Nihill stated that “This building is very basic in the eyes the NFL.” “This building is among the lowest 20% of buildings built in the NFL before 9/11. The NFL has not implemented security enhancements.

Nihill predicted that it would take over a year to reach a deal on the stadium, the financing and the design of the new building. Construction should take 31 month.