In the Van Damme family, we ask for the children. The legendary Belgian actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is the proud father of three children. With his first wife, the bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, he had two children named Kristopher, in 1987 and Bianca, in 1990. After his divorce in 1993, he married in second marriage a certain Darcy Lapier with whom he has a son named Nicholas. The couple will end up divorcing in 1997. Two years after this rupture, Jean-Claude Van Damme remarried with his first wife Gladys Portugues.

Bianca Breen, whose real name is Bianca Van Varenberg, has acted in a few feature films since 2008. The 32-year-old actress has been seen in the films Trafic Mortel, Assassination Games, 6 Bullets as well as Welcome to the Jungle in 2013 .

On social networks, the daughter of JCVD ​​is followed by hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Like many celebrities before her, Bianca Bree would be registered on the OnlyFans platform, a site on which Internet users pay in order to have access to naked photos. According to our colleagues from 7sur7, it would be followed by no less than 10,000 fans on the specialized site. To see his exclusive photos, Internet users must pay a subscription of 11 euros. According to, it would only be photos of her in undress “showing her at the beach or even in the middle of a sports session”.

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