Essential for calculating the number of quarters you have left to validate, the career statement allows you to know the future amount of your retirement pension, but also to estimate your retirement age. It plays a reference role when you decide to liquidate your pension rights. How can you recover this important document today?

The career statement includes the accumulation of your acquired rights with the number of quarters validated, but also the number of quarters necessary to obtain a full pension. A real map of your professional career, it details both your periods of activity, as well as those of illness or unemployment. In particular, it displays the name of your employers, the contribution base for the basic schemes and the number of quarters.

To obtain your full pension, it is essential to read your career statement carefully and immediately report any errors in it to your pension fund. Ordinarily, you receive your career statement by mail on your 35th birthday, then updates every five years. From the age of 55, you will also have an overall indicative estimate (EIG) of your future pension according to the rights acquired and the years of possible departure, between 62 and 67 years old.