We sometimes ignore it, but the career statement is a precise map of your professional activity and it must be regularly updated to reflect your active life. As part of certain administrative procedures, it is thus required and remains mandatory when you apply for retirement. Find out why your Career Statement isn’t up to date and how to get it.

To access your career statement, you can simply log on to your online space on the Pension Insurance website. On this document, you will find your identity, the list of your various employers, the income received during your career, but also the quarters retained and acquired under the general system. It is also possible to request your career statement by post or by telephone by contacting your pension fund.

It is essential that your career statement be up to date at the time of your retirement. Your pension will be calculated thanks to it and, to obtain your full pension, all the required quarters must be completed. Your career statement is updated annually, on March 31 of the year at the latest. It is your employer who takes care of making the annual declaration of your income and social charges, then it is your pension fund who is responsible for deferring the quarters contributed. You can request the update of your career statement from the age of 55.