At the start of the new academic year at the KU Leuven, the association Alma student restaurants and the prices of its meals was increased. The price was the cheapest meal will be increased from 3.6 to 3.75 euros, which is the most expensive of 6.45 to a 6.9 euro.

“It’s in the first place, it is a repercussion of the rise in the cost of living confronts us with a growing energy, transportation and raw material costs. In addition, we continuously invest in buildings, the experience and the quality of the food. The funding provided by the KU Leuven will give us all years to catch up so that we can become a double-catch-up effect should be taken into account”, says Daniel, Lips, manager of the Alma student restaurants.

over The past year, there was substantial investment in the restaurant and at the university hospital Gasthuisberg in the foodcorners of The Must, The Falcon, FUTURE, and the Group T, which is the ALMA are scattered all over the city running. During the academic year 2020-2021, we want to have a new food corner on practice in the suburb of Heverlee. Some of the meals, snacks and drinks are concerned, we try to constantly adapt to new trends,” says Lips.

Alma was established in 1954 under the auspices of the university, was founded with the goal of students is good and affordable meals for you to serve. When it opened that year with its first store in the Bondgenotenlaan. Today, the non profit nine sites across the city. “Over the past few years, an increasing number of students who come here to eat on an ongoing basis. Over the past year, we sold 1.2 million meals,” says Lips.