From mid-December, all consumers will be able to benefit from a boost in the context of the repair of an electronic device or household appliance. This financial incentive system for repairs is part of the process of the Anti-waste law for a Circular Economy adopted in early 2020, according to Orange actu. The aim of this approach is to reduce the cost of repairing appliances for consumers, a cost which until now has made buying a new appliance more attractive than refurbishing it.

The ultimate goal is to increase the volume of repairs in France by 20%. The funds to finance the project do not come from the state coffers, but are collected according to the “polluter pays” principle. The money will therefore be collected from “marketers”, industrialists therefore, through the eco-organizations Ecosystem and Ecologic. This budget currently stands at 410 million euros for 6 years.

In order to benefit from this system, you will need to have your devices repaired by authorized repairers with the “QualiRépar” label. Products still under warranty are obviously not affected by the refund. The boost will then be deducted directly from your invoice, and the repairer will have to recover this difference from the responsible eco-organization.

The first discounts will be effective from December 15, 2022. The list of devices concerned will be gradually extended, the levels spanning 2023, 2024 and 2025, as reported by Le Parisien.

Find below the list of the 14 devices concerned for the end of 2022 as well as next year.