Savings: the best investments when you are 50 years old


Should you put your money in different places depending on your age? The question arises when you are 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years old. Indeed, when you start your working life, you do not necessarily have the same financial needs as before retirement: you may need to access your savings quickly and simply when you have put little money aside . On the contrary, when you have played the squirrel throughout your career, you can afford to invest your money in a financial product that pays more, but which cannot be unlocked right away.

At the dawn of your fifties, or your decade well underway, are you wondering about the best investments to choose? You are right. Be careful not to do anything, because you could quickly make the wrong choices thinking you are doing the right thing. As explained by Ludovic Chaput, of the Avenue des Investeurs site, if age can be important, it is also important to make your choices according to “your life projects”. A real estate project? Need to grow your money fast? Need to pass on your heritage? It is by answering these questions that you can make the right investment choices.

With Planet, the specialist in these questions explains that certain financial products are essential: “The livret A and the LDDS are very popular in France, because they are short-term savings, directly accessible, but they are not very profitable”. When you want to change from these accessible booklets, there are other products that are easy to open, but which often require a little more concessions on your part…

For people in their fifties, certain investments are to be preferred now. Funds-euros, shares, real estate… Discover Ludovic Chaput’s best advice below.